Financial Cloud and Perch Group shortlisted for Technology Provider of the Year in Credit Awards 2024 


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Financial Cloud, in partnership with Perch Group, is thrilled to announce we’ve been shortlisted for the prestigious Credit Awards under the category of Best Technology Provider. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Credit Awards, and we are honored to be acknowledged for our dedication to providing innovative solutions, particularly in support of financially vulnerable individuals. 

The partnership between Financial Cloud and Perch began in 2019, when Perch Group was a start-up company with 10+ employees. Since then, our collaboration has been committed to a shared mission of assisting customers, particularly those facing financial vulnerabilities, in achieving the best possible output. 

Together, we have achieved significant milestones, including: 

Self-Service capabilities – Through leveraging Financial Cloud’s robust platform, Perch Group offers extensive self-service capabilities, empowering customers with the autonomy to conveniently fulfill their requests. 

Intelligent decisioning – Harnessing real-time consumer data and interactions, Financial Cloud enables Perch Group to determine the most effective communication strategy for each customer, ensuring personalised and timely engagement 

Automation and optimisation – Through the automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks, Perch Group has saved thousands of hours, allowing their agents to focus on providing a sensitive and personalised touch to customers who require additional support. 

Online self-assessments – A recent innovation includes the introduction of online self-assessments, which empowers customers to communicate their circumstances conveniently without the need for potentially distressing phone conversations. This approach enables Perch Group to identify and assess any vulnerabilities, or updates to personal circumstances, and tailor their services to ensure customers feel genuinely supported. 

“Being shortlisted for Technology Provider of the Year at the Credit Awards is a testament to the dedication and innovation of both Financial Cloud and Perch Group. said Kyle MacDonald, CEO of Financial Cloud.   We are committed to continuing our collaborative efforts to empower individuals, especially those facing financial challenges, and provide them with the support they need to thrive.” 

Click here more information on the Financial Cloud and Perch Group partnership

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